Vacant homes must go!

We are a coalition of committed Atlanta residents and property owners that are making a push to get our Mayor to address pressing issues connected to vacant homes, littering, and tire dumping.

more about us

We are a collective of grandparents, renters, homeowners, investors, longtime residents, and many more. We are dedicated to caring for and improving our neighborhoods. All of us have spent years emailing our elected officials, working with code enforcement, contacting the media when necessary, and doing all we can to address issues related to vacant homes that we have been dealing with. Unfortunately things are not moving as quickly as they should in a positive direction.

Our goal is simple:

We seek to organize and launch a campaign to urge Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to make the largest investment to date in blight and vacant home reduction in Atlanta’s history. Ironically, the proposals that we are pushing to be implemented were floated to the Bottoms Administration last year, but none of them made it into the city budget. Our campaign is hoping to galvanize as many neighbors as possible to again push for more action on the blight front. We are tired, angry, and demand that action be taken!

The video above displays just one of the many, many seriously deteriorating vacant properties in Atlanta. Residents have attempted to get our city government to address these issues to no avail. 

We are focused on advocating for a specific list of initiatives that we hope Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms includes in her upcoming budget. Click here to learn more about these specific initiatives. 

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how you can help


Take pictures of abandoned properties and post them on social media @BlightForward with the hashtag and location.

Be An Advocate

Host a meetup at your home, put our sign in your yard, and speak to your neighborhood association about this campaign.


Help us by setting aside time to clean up litter and trash around vacant properties, call us to get help with large items.

Contact us

Let us know if you have any questions, or if you want to join the Blight Forward team!

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We will be sure to not spam you to death with countless emails. Our goal is to keep you informed of the latest campaign developments while not filling up your inbox anymore than it already is.

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